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topVOX is the manufacturer of the innovative Lydia® speech based solution and the Voxter® hardware suite specializing in voice recognition systems for efficient and ergonomic logistics processes. Hands free/eyes free applications guarantee maximum productivity in the supply chain generating a rapid ROI for your business.  

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Bartlett Distribution Services LLC uses the Lydia’s voice solution from topVOX

Voice Recognition Expands Beyond Order Picking

When asked what warehouse technology brings the most immediate improvement in efficiency, voice picking often comes to mind for warehouse operations professionals.

Bartlett Distribution Services LLC, the logistics hub for Starbucks in New York City and the tri-state area uses the Lydia’s voice solution from topVOX Corp. Wearing headsets, pickers are guided through their picking activities with their hands and eyes free.

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KPM changes its fulfillment "landscape" with voice

Who says you have to be a big company to pick orders with voice technology?

Even small companies can now take advantage of the benefits (think higher productivity, better accuracy, and hands-free picking) that voice provides. KPM Exceptional is one company that has learned this first hand.

Founded in 1955, KPM is a wholesale distributor of outdoor power equipment for professional landscapers.

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topVOX setting the benchmark in voice logistics

topVOX offers customized, premium solutions as well as ready to install ‘plug and play’ packages for smaller businesses. No matter how you manage your current processes, topVOX can design an efficient mobile voice application, tailored to your specific requirements to create a leaner and smarter workflow. We are the experts in voice. What others talk about - we deliver!


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Food Logistics Magazine Recognizes topVOX as a Top 100 Technology Provider Again

For the seventh consecutive year, Food Logistics has recognized topVOX as a software and technology provider who is one of the important players in industry, as well as the supply chain sector at large.

Apart from standard applications in logistics, topVOX’s software suite Lydia® is gaining strong popularity in production, mobile maintenance and other fields of mobile data capture. 

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