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topVOX is the manufacturer of the innovative Lydia® speech based solution and the Voxter® hardware suite specializing in voice recognition systems for efficient and ergonomic logistics processes. Hands free/eyes free applications guarantee maximum productivity in the supply chain generating a rapid ROI for your business.  

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topVOX at Modex

topVOX welcomes you to MODEX 2016

Visit topVOX at MODEX and learn why companies all over the world switch to LYDIA® voice to optimize all processes in their supply chain! Proven flexibility and reliability have made topVOX a market leader in voice technology.

Rapid payback, absolutely NO training, easy integration and excellent recognition are key reasons why our customers have selected topVOX as the CHOICE FOR VOICE in their warehouses. Come to topVOX, booth 2930 to experience the topVOX difference firsthand!

Furnishing higher productivity with Lydia® Voice

Though the company itself has kept up with the times, South Shore Furniture's fulfillment model was falling behind. A move to voice-directed picking changed all that. To make picking easier and more productive, South Shore turned to the Lydia® voice system from topVox to direct order selection.

Among other advantages, the voice system, which conveys directions via headsets, leaves workers' hands free for picking tasks.

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topVOX wins Logistics Business IT Award

Two awards: topVOX UK received the Logistics Business IT Award in London for its Pick by Voice solution LYDIA®Plug&Play – not in one but in two categories.

In the category “Wearable Devices & Voice Technology in Logistics” the panel of experts honoured the solution for its application at Seico Optical UK. In the category “Logistics IT in the Retail & Wholesale sector” the voice application at the customer Skoolkit excelled.

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Voice Recognition Expands Beyond Order Picking

When asked what warehouse technology brings the most immediate improvement in efficiency, voice picking often comes to mind for warehouse operations professionals.

Bartlett Distribution Services LLC, the logistics hub for Starbucks in New York City and the tri-state area uses the Lydia’s voice solution from topVOX Corp. Wearing headsets, pickers are guided through their picking activities with their hands and eyes free.

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